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What You Will Learn With This Dressage Pack:
The dressage fundamentals in easy to digest instructional videos
Analogies that will help you in your riding like 'the banana' and 'train tracks'
What do dressage terms like 'half halt' ACTUALLY mean?
Learn The Tools & Strategy That Will Give You The Dressage Foundations...
  • Do you know WHY we are told inside leg to outside rein? The difference between a good rider and a great rider is not just how they ride, but how they THINK. I challenge you to ask these questions - be GREAT!
  • ​What genius came up with that name? It's got nothing to do with halt and there is nothing half about it! It should be called 'rebalance'.

  • How many reins do you have? Two, right? What would you think if I said you only have one rein? And that by realising this you could increase your scores exponentially!

  • Banana, upright, train tracks, diagonal line... this is the recipe to a perfect leg yield TODAY!
  • ​90% of riders sit in completely the wrong place for leg yield... don't be one of them!
  • To measure the effectiveness of the aids, GOOD riders tend to look at the aid they just gave... GREAT riders know better!

  • When a horse is irregular, riders tend to push the horse FORWARD... more often than not, all they need to do is straighten the horse, and then they get regular.

Here's What The Your Riding Success Community Had To Say...
"I now have the tools to be a better version of me."
"I would like to say thank you for the insane amount of change YRS has made to my life as well as my riding. Thank you foe giving me the tools to be a better version of me."
- Alisha Taylor

"You have changed my experience with riding!"
"Your sessions have changed my experience with riding! Your Riding Success has taught me how to better understand why my horse is not giving me what I want and how to achieve that! We are BOTH very grateful to you!"
- Rosanne de Giorgio
"The best thing that ever happened to my riding."
"It is literally the best thing that every happened to my riding. I now know exactly what to work on to get to the next level. I also know that help is only an email or fb message away."
- Mimi Spencer

"These videos have been priceless to my progess."
"These videos have been priceless to my progress and confidence because I know what I'm supposed to be doing now - you are also very encouraging!"
- Lucie Marinov

"The strategies from the program came back to me like reflexes..."
"I'm finally back in the saddle after being kicked in the hand by someone else's horse. After a momentary OMFG moment getting on I rode around like it was nothing!
All the strategies from the FearLESS program came back like reflexes as I needed them."
- Alisha Taylor
"I am now able to be the leader I need to be..."
"Thank you sooooo much to Natasha for making this FearLESS Mastery program! Last summer, I had many moments of shut down - complete fear in the saddle if my horse did anything 'off' - you know, horse stuff, pinning ears, looking in the bush, changing his pace... zero confidence.
I took the winter off riding and working through the program... and coming back to riding has been a complete dream!
I have my confidence back - I am now able to be the leader I need to be.
I'm so thankful - I know I'll be able to enjoy whatever comes at us now ❤️️."
- Trena Hebert
"I sat through the buck/rear and didn't feel upset or disheartened about by it - all thanks to the FearLESS course."
"Started riding my new boy - he hasn't been sat on in about 10 months!
Yesterday everything was against us - very windy, farmer with the digger, other horses being brought in, other horses in the field running around like mad...
First he didn't want to go in the menage, then he didn't want to walk around, and threw a wobbly.
But I dealt with all of it, I sat through the buck/rear and didn't feel upset or disheartened by it - all thanks to Natasha's NLP techniques and Alicia's help and explanations about the seat."
- Rebecca de Winter
Are You Ready To Start Mastering Your Dressage?
Imagine putting your foot into the stirrup, and knowing how to train your dressage horse. Knowing what the dressage terms like 'inside leg to outside rein' and 'half halt' actually mean in order to progress your training and riding results, rather than just ride around in circles not knowing what you are doing and not know how to progress in your riding.

This is how you can be experiencing your riding very soon. So the question is, are you ready to start finally understanding dressage and getting actual results?
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